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CELEBRATE LIFE08 is a nonprofit 5013c founded by Jeannette Tyson Gregory, a breast cancer survivor. Her goal is to bring hope and encouragement to women facing breast cancer.

3 Pillars That Undergird Celebrate Life08

Pillar #1

EDUCATION—Breast cancer is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the tissues of the breast. There are several types of Breast Cancer:

·         ductal carcinoma

·         invasive ductal carcinoma

·         inflammatory breast cancer

·         metastatic breast cancer

Celebrate Life08 provides basic information, and education for women who are newly diagnosed with cancer to help them cope with the diagnosis.

Education is also provided to assist in teaching how to help lower chances of getting cancer and how to do self-breast checks. We provide materials to help educate women on how they can be proactive in detecting signs of Breast Cancer.

Total Woman Program

This program will focus on women who are uninsured, living in low income areas and do not have the proper education regarding early detection. Our goal is to empower them to become proactive in taking care of themselves, spiritually, emotionally, physically and to make their health a top priority. This project will introduce each woman to an opportunity to live life with a healthy attitude that will allow them to enjoy life in a healthy state.


Wellness Fair On Wheels is one of Celebrate Life08 main projects for Awareness.  We find that some women are less likely to get mammograms because of:

·         Lack of education about breast cancer risk

·         Live in low income areas and cannot afford to attend workshops provided without charge

·         Many do not have insurance

The Wellness Fair On Wheels visits low income areas and set up in community centers or public libraries to make sure those living in low income areas have access to the same information.  There are retail businesses that allow us to setup in their stores to reach the women in that area.

Visiting Churches and distributing information is a great way to reach a multitude of women and men. We research to provide the residents with the most updated information about cancer so they can make the healthiest choices possible.



As Celebrate Life08 navigate cancer patients through the treatment process, it is our desire to beautify their recovery. Many times after surgery and chemo the patient is unable to work and some are not able to handle the upkeep of their homes. We have partnered with several local businesses and for an administration fee of $600 they donate supplies and equipment to assist in making living arrangements more comfortable for those who are experiencing setbacks because of cancer or other illnesses. We assess patients who cannot afford to get assistance such as wheelchair ramps for their homes, proper lighting, cleaning supplies, small appliances, ceiling fans, small heaters, replacement of bathroom fixtures, flooring, window treatment etc…Many of the patients need everything accessible to them in one living area especially if they live alone.

In order to participate in the Build A Life Project, each participant will go through a screening process to make sure they qualify. This usually involves a note from a physician or Treatment Center. Our assistance depends on the amount of merchandise we have on hand at the time of request.

Gift Bags

Our connection with Social Media has allowed us to meet women located worldwide who have been diagnosed with cancer. Gift bags are sent to local chemo infusion centers as well as national centers. These bags have inspirational material and small gifts to bring cheer to the ladies that receive a bag.

Mammogram Screenings

We have partnered with Novant Health to bring the Mammogram Screening Bus on location to provide free mammograms to those who qualify.


We utilize a portion of our donations to pay copays for women who do not have the funds to meet their copay.


Celebrate Life08 main focus is education, awareness and resources to reach out to the community.  We believe awareness and early detection can save many lives. Our Mission is to enhance the quality of life for women during and after the cancer diagnosis and treatment by collecting and distributing relevant information on cancer. We sponsor seminars that will assist women in embracing the next chapter of their lives as they begin to feel alive and in touch with their purpose for life. During the times of submission to surgery, chemo and radiation, we provide an outlet of creativity and self-empowerment.


·        Complete at least 12 workshops on awareness per year in low income neighborhoods

·        Provide 1000 gift bags for chemo infusion centers

·        Provide free on site mammograms for 100 uninsured and underinsured women

·        Provide copay for 100 women that qualify

·        Partner with libraries, retail stores, corporations and recreation centers to sponsor onsite Wellness Fairs


Providing workshops on awareness will allow more women to receive the awareness message that saves lives

The celebration events will bring encouragement to survivors

Providing free, mammograms will reach uninsured and underinsured women and give them a chance at early detection

Build online network through Social Media by making new connections and spreading the “Early Detection Saves Lives” message

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