Can I touch every woman with breast cancer or bring awareness to others? YES!

Jeannette Gregory

Outreach Projects for Celebrate Life08 

Build a Life Project

Celebrate LIFE08 has partnered with several local businesses who donate supplies and equipment to assist in making living arrangements more comfortable for people who are experiencing setbacks because of cancer or other illnesses. We assess patients who cannot afford to get assistance such as wheelchair ramps for their homes, proper lighting, cleaning supplies, small appliances, ceiling fans, small heaters, etc. . .

Many of the patients need everything accessible to them in one living area especially if they live alone.

In order to participate in the Build A Life Project, each participant will go through a screening process to make sure they qualify. This usually involves a note from a physician or Treatment Center.

Our assistance depends on the amount of merchandise we have on hand at the time of request.





Total Woman Project

Wellness Fair on Wheels

Project Crown Cap

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